Dienstag, 3. August 2010

Limp drehen ein Video

Fred auf Twitter
Writing the treatment for our new music video right now. Production to start in the next couple days. Hard directing AND being in the band.

Es passiert was. Falls von Interesse, heute haben Linkin Park ihre neue Single veröffentlicht und das Album "White Crosses" von "Against Me!" ist empfehlenswert. Der "Inception" Soundtrack ist auch recht gut (und der Film erst, unbedingt ansehen, hat es geschafft mehr Leute ins Kino zu ziehen als "Toy Story 3")

Montag, 2. August 2010

Limp Interview aus Kerrang

Noch ganz neu aus dem Kerrang Magazin. Draufklicken für das ganze Bild ;-)

Auflösung ist Mist :-/

Bald zurück. Wieder da.

So. Das Semester ist vorbei und es bleibt Zeit um wieder was zu posten ^^ Ich glaube dem iPhone 4 muss ich ein Review gönnen, das ist ein wirklich schönes Mobiltelefon.

Aber zu Limp Bizkit. Da hat sich unerfreulicherweise nichts getan seit längerer Zeit. Man liest ab und zu von einem Konzert der Band, aber viel passiert ist nicht. Die Band spekuliert mit einem Release der Single vor der Europa Tournee und das wäre dann in den nächsten 20 Tagen. Album soll im Herbst erscheinen. Ich tippe mal auf "Chocolate Starfish" Oktober oder "Results May Vary" September. Letzteren würde ich bevorzugen ^^ Aber vom Gefühl kommt es erst zur Amerika Tour. Mal sehen.

Als netter Zeitvertreib dieser Post von einem "The Armpit.net" User. Er konnte das Album Backstage anhören und er ist begeistert. Aber lest selbst:

Ok, so I was at the show in CT last night and it was just fucking epic. I need to do a full post to give the blow by blow experience, but since I only have a little time now I wanted to drop by in the GC thread. This is because, thanks to Max [you fucking rule buddy ], I was able to get backstage, along with some of the LBGC kids. I'm just gonna quickly tell you guys everything Gold Cobra related:

-While sitting in the dressing room, a few GC tracks were played through all the way on Fred's computer. Now, it was through laptop speakers and there was a lot of talking going on, but we could definitely hear stuff and get a sense.

-Backporch. This was the one I had the most trouble hearing, but pretty much it's a laid back groove/party song. No distorted guitars that I could hear, a clean ambient thing with Fred doing his laid back rapping style on it. He already posted some of the lyrics are twitter, so you know what you're getting there.
-LBGC (Venomous)- This song had to be LBCG because of the lyrics about tanks and snipers and whatnot- pretty much what we thought it would be. The riffs in this song were big and heavy, some of the lyrics were pretty funny (something about ripping your balls off).
-Walking Away- EPIC. The song just builds and builds. Long intro, then it goes to an open and ambient kind of verse. Straight forward and melodic, but the song erupts when it gets to the solo/screaming part. We pretty much have heard the best part of it, but the screams sounded even better in this version, plus they were mixed right. Amazing song, the band was talking a LOT about playing it live last night, but in the end it got scrapped probably due to time constraints.
-Loser- This was another one with some really nice melodic singing from Fred, but the chorus explodes with GIGANTIC riffs and just fucking kills. The bridge of this song had some really cool lead stuff from Wes, it reminded me of Muse a bit.
-From there they were skipping around like crazy. We heard some of 90to10, maybe like 10 seconds more than the sample, but still didn't hear the chorus. Jordan Schur was telling Fred that it's really powerful, and I have to agree. The groove is magnetic. Then we heard maybe the first 10 seconds of two really heavy songs, one of them might've been that crazy 2 second riff from the old Rabbit video. They just sounded sick, was so mad they cut them off, lol.
-Chatted with Fred a bit on the issue of single. He was saying the label was pushing for something hip hoppy, but he really wants Walking Away. We were telling him it sounds so sick, saying it would be such a cool choice. Fred then, goes back, brings out his iPhone with those huge Dr. Dre headphones and hands them to me. Got to hear Walking Away again, the proper way. Damn it's good.

I have more stuff to report from the after the show, but I really gotta run now! This is everything related to hearing new material for now. There will be a long post coming with everything.


Bis die Tage.